Parking Software

Parking software is designed to help parking lot owners and operators manage their locations, equipment, and transactions across all consumer touchpoints. Good parking software automates parking operations end-to-end, effectively removing the need to monitor their business manually.

Parking software works in tandem with all the access equipment - so every boom barrier and PnD machine in an automated lot has to be integrated with the parking software. Operators can also track the availability of parking spaces and allocate slots depending on rush hours. This information can be shared with parkers through a parking app, lowering the amount of time spent looking for a spot, reducing their carbon footprints, and enhancing their consumer experience.

Get My Parking provides award-winning smart parking software at budget-friendly rates.

GMP’s parking software can retrofit and automate any parking lot in a few easy steps. Here’s how our smart parking platform can upgrade your car park:

  • Touchless, ticketless access
    Our PlugNPlay solutions automate your existing equipment to provide seamless access.
  • Control access automation
    A powerful admin dashboard to monitor and control your parking operations.
  • Perfect the parking experience
    A custom-branded app through which users can find and pay for your parking services.
  • Maximize your profitability and productivity
    Automate custom parking rates, promo codes, and custom permits to boost revenue.

Get My Parking's scalable smart parking software is an operator’s best choice for automating and future-proofing their parking lots.